Mediumship is a service. It isn’t a way to make money or inflate the ego. The emphasis should be on service to others. Do not consider oneself as being professional because one is being paid as a medium. The medium has done some work in developing their inner ability to communicate with spirit (an ability that all humans have), but the actual connection is being made on the spirit side by spirits. Spirit workers are not our employees – they do not get monetary payment and neither should we. This is why I don’t charge for doing readings.

When we pass, if we have a fixation on compensation then that will not work in our favor when we do spiritual work on the other side. It is no different than being fixated on alcohol or material wealth when we were in the physical – it is one more material worldly thing that must be given up.

Spirits will make use of any instrument that they can to communicate. So, they will use mediums that are being paid. However, they prefer to use mediums who are not working because of ambition, ego, or the pursuit of monetary gain.

Spirit guides are interested in our spiritual growth. They will gain spiritual progression as they help us. Shouldn’t we, when through mediumship, be acting in the same spirit of service? Shouldn’t our spiritual progress be our motivation, and also that we are helping another human being? Our development as mediums isn’t being done to make us richer or famous. Instead, it is being done so that we can help others.

There are multiple book references that speak to this topic. For example, please read the section called “Paid or Commercial Mediumship” in Hudson Tuttle’s book Mediumship and Its Laws.