The sitter is the person who receives the reading. The medium is the person who acts as the middle-ground between the sitter and Spirit. Anyone can be a medium. Someone who is a medium is simply a person who has taken the time to train for mediumship and is exercising their spirit side.

Having a good, positive attitude will help because there must be harmony between the sitter and the medium in order to get the best results.

If you have a cell phone, please be sure it is turned off or is on vibrate.

Here are some things that help during a reading:

  • Relax and have an open mind.
  • Don’t volunteer information. Respond with “Yes” or “No” if asked a question.
  • Be ready to hear from a relative, coworker, neighbor, or friend.
  • The person you want to hear from may not come:

      o They could be in the transition phase after passing.

      o The person may not be available.

      o Higher spirit guides determine who will come through.